Strengthen our economy and create more jobs

Doc will continue to fight to strengthen our economy by keeping taxes low and removing government interference for local businesses.

More local control for our schools and parents

Doc believes that parents make the best decisions for their children, not government. He will continue to support our local schools while ensuring they have the authority to work with parents to make the best decisions for our kids.

Defend the sanctity of innocent human life

Doc is one of the strongest pro-life advocates in the Texas House. He will always stand up to protect the sanctity of innocent life and end the scourge of abortion.

Protect the Second Amendment

Doc believes that the Second Amendment and our right to keep and bear arms is the cornerstone of our freedoms. He will continue to defend this right and prevail against those who would take those rights away.

Preserve traditional values of faith, family and freedom

Doc strongly believes in the traditional values that made Texas great. Values like faith, family and freedom. He will consider every piece of legislation to determine whether it erodes these values, or bolsters them.